NFT/ICO/RWA Whitelisting

Ensure the integrity of your digital asset offerings with Scorechain’s NFT/ICO/RWA Whitelisting services.


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Automated Compliance Monitoring

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Proactive Threat Detection

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Ensure a smooth whitelisting

Scorechain’s NFT/IC/STO Whitelisting service empowers your project with the tools needed for rigorous due diligence and AML compliance. In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital assets, ensuring the integrity and legality of every transaction is paramount. Our specialized reports provide a deep dive into the crypto assets' origins, offering peace of mind to creators, investors, and regulators alike. With a track record of success, including partnerships with renowned brands like Lacoste, Scorechain is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of blockchain compliance and securing the trustworthiness of your digital offerings.

Comprehensive NFT AML Analysis

Address the unique challenges of NFT transactions with our AML analysis, designed to detect and prevent money laundering. By examining the origins and destinations of crypto assets, we ensure that all transactions meet regulatory standards for legality and transparency.

On-Chain Risk Scoring

Benefit from our sophisticated on-chain risk scoring system that evaluates the history of crypto assets involved in your NFT/IC/STO. Our technology scrutinizes every transaction for potential risks, ensuring your project aligns with AML compliance requirements.

Regulatory Compliance and Proof

Achieve regulatory compliance with detailed AML reports that serve as reliable proof for banks, regulators, and authorities. Our service validates the clean fund origins of your buyers, enabling a secure minting phase and fostering trust in your digital asset project.

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