Exploration Tool

Master blockchain transaction investigation for any AML/CFT Compliance with our Exploration Tool, designed for seamless navigation and comprehensive analysis to ensure compliance and operational security.


API Centric

Effortlessly incorporate blockchain analytics into your current systems.

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our fully automated solution.


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Proactive Threat Detection

Anticipate risks with our advanced predictive threat detection.

Data Integrity & Protection

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Tailored for ease of use, our Exploration Tool streamlines the investigative process with a user-friendly interface that reduces the need for extensive technical expertise. This tool is vital for businesses managing crypto and digital assets, allowing quick adaptation for routine compliance checks or in-depth investigations without disrupting existing operations. Its efficiency becomes crucial when tracking illegal activities or auditing internal transactions involving digital assets, thereby maintaining operational integrity and meeting stringent regulatory standards.

Advanced Transaction Mapping

Our Exploration Tool offers unparalleled insights into blockchain transactions through an advanced visualization interface. This feature enables users to map transaction flows in real-time across multiple blockchains, enhancing their ability to uncover hidden relationships and identify risk patterns crucial for managing crypto assets.

Crypto startups find this capability especially valuable for monitoring transactions linked to OFAC-sanctioned addresses, providing a complete visual trace essential for thorough compliance reporting. This sophisticated mapping facilitates proactive monitoring and management of blockchain activities, ensuring startups can scale securely and compliantly with their digital asset ventures.

Easy Routine Compliance checks

Designed to meet the complex needs of large crypto companies, our tool supports detailed investigations across a broad array of cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Users can customize their investigative criteria based on specific transaction characteristics such as thresholds, blockchain types, and time frames.

This feature is invaluable for companies dealing with significant transaction volumes, enabling them to efficiently isolate and analyze high-value transactions between wallets of crypto assets, ensuring compliance, and aiding in forensic investigations to trace the movements of funds post-security breaches.


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