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Our KYT and KYA reporting tools are essential for crypto businesses, financial institutions, law enforcement, and regulatory bodies looking to ensure thorough compliance and effective risk management. By offering detailed due diligence and risk assessment capabilities across more than 100 blockchains, these tools facilitate the swift generation of comprehensive reports.

This enables stakeholders to uphold the highest standards of compliance and manage risks proactively, ensuring operational integrity and regulatory adherence in transactions involving crypto and digital assets.

KYT Reports - Detailed Transaction Insights

Our KYT reports provide an exhaustive overview of individual transactions across a diverse array of crypto and digital assets within the blockchain ecosystem. Each report includes financial data, AML risk scoring for both incoming and outgoing funds, detailed information on the origin and destination of funds, and identification of potential risk indicators.

This capability is crucial for firms operating with digital and crypto assets that need to adhere to stringent compliance and reporting requirements. By facilitating detailed transaction monitoring and suspicious activity reporting, these reports ensure that your compliance procedures are robust, efficient, and in line with current regulatory standards.

KYA Reports - Comprehensive Address Analysis

The KYA reports offer in-depth analysis of specific blockchain addresses, crucial for effective account monitoring and risk management across over 100 blockchains. These reports provide detailed financial insights, assess AML risks, and highlight comprehensive risk indicators for each address. They are particularly valuable for daily compliance tasks, allowing users to monitor and report on suspicious activities comprehensively.

Each KYA report supports the ongoing assessment and documentation of your risk management processes, making it easier to maintain compliance and operational integrity in the face of evolving regulations concerning crypto and digital assets.


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