We believe in synergies

Each of our partners have a strong knowledge and expertise about their industry. We believe that working together can make things smoother for all the players and for all our customers.

Collaborating — Partner — ecosytem

Easy and simple with no commitment

Referral Partner

Our referral program offers a straightforward and rewarding method of collaboration, designed to acknowledge your loyalty. It operates with ease and simplicity, free from binding commitments. You'll receive rewards for referring business to us, irrespective of the scale or duration. This uncomplicated yet effective approach is centered around our joint efforts to develop a robust offering for your clients.

Moreover, our approach to referrals is reciprocal. Should it align with the partner's interests, we are equally committed to referring our referral partners to our customers or prospective clients where their services would be a suitable fit. This mutual referral system enhances our collective capacity to cater to the needs of a broader client base

Become a partner

enhanced service portfolio


Elevate your service portfolio and enhance your offer's value by becoming a reseller partner with SCORECHAIN. Tailored for partners seeking to take ownership of client relationships, this program empowers you to address your clients' business needs by seamlessly integrating our cutting-edge AML platform and services into your offerings. As a reseller, you gain access to exceptional benefits, including competitive discounts, robust sales and marketing resources, comprehensive technical training, and more.

Our reseller option provides diverse scenarios and flexible setups, accommodating various degrees of integration based on the reseller's relationship with their customers and desired level of integration with SCORECHAIN.

Starting with the sole resale of SCORECHAIN licenses to the reseller's end-customers, this can function as an independent deal for the reseller or as part of a bundled solution offered to their end-users, potentially integrating into the end-customer's environment.

Moving to the next tier involves reselling a SCORECHAIN license with integration into the reseller's frontend, while ensuring the end-user retains full control over the purchased license from the reseller.At the highest level, the reseller takes complete ownership of the SCORECHAIN license and extends access to their end-customers via a sub-account system, enabling them to manage and utilize the platform as their own, under the umbrella of the reseller's offerings.

Seamless integration

Technology Partner

If you are a technology provider offering services such as a crypto custody platform, KYC solution, Travel Rule compliance, or equivalent, and aim to empower your customers with a comprehensive user experience inclusive of AML checks, transaction tracing, and more, consider integrating SCORECHAIN's Solution and Features into your technology solution using our extensive API Library.

By seamlessly integrating our Scorechain Solution into your platform, we create a powerful synergy. This collaboration establishes a joint go-to-market strategy, fostering a robust partnership where we interact daily to offer cohesive solutions to our clients.

Our goal is a full mutual integration of both systems, culminating in an end-to-end solution for the end-customer. This integration enables us to collectively address the complete spectrum of client needs, elevating their user experience.

Additionally, this partnership opens avenues for potential joint marketing and sales activities. By leveraging our combined strengths, we can execute impactful marketing campaigns and collaborate on sales initiatives, further amplifying our reach and impact within the market.

strengthen your processes

Compliance B2B2B Partner

Our Compliance B2B2B Partners operate their own robust compliance offerings and seek Scorechain's functionality or data to augment their services, ensuring a comprehensive solution inclusive of transaction checks, address verifications, and conducting case investigations.

This partnership is built on the foundation of mutual support and tailored collaborative solutions. Customers leverage a Scorechain license and integrate a segment of its functionality, specifically Risk Scoring, seamlessly into their existing systems via our API.

The API utilization, in this context, is focused on Risk Scoring, and the acquisition of an external license is a prerequisite for this integration. This strategic integration allows our partners to access critical functionalities while preserving the autonomy of their compliance offerings.

leverage our expertise

Value Add Affiliates (VAF)

VAF are influential partners who operate as consultants and advisors, including entities like Big 4 firms, catering to large accounts, and facilitating introductions between tech companies, such as Scorechain, and their clientele.

VAFs play a pivotal role in project identification, development, or providing ongoing support throughout the developmental phases and vendor selection processes.

Aligned with Scorechain's commitment to fostering mutual interest and shared values, we extend support to VAFs by offering invaluable industry insights, firsthand experience, and expert knowledge.

Additionally, we provide content to enhance their resources and aid them in their educational endeavors, including webinars and similar activities. Our collaborative approach aims to bolster the expertise and capabilities of our VAF partners, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

decision making made easier

Compliance SANDBOX Partner

As a Compliance SANDBOX Partner, you empower your customers to make informed purchasing decisions by providing a sandbox environment inclusive of solutions, products, features, and services offered by your esteemed sandbox partners.

Scorechain emerges as the perfect addition to this sandbox ecosystem, providing our cutting-edge crypto AML/KYT platform. Our platform seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructures or other third-party platforms, enriching the sandbox environment.

This partnership entails utilizing the Scorechain platform for showcasing purposes within the sandbox environment. Additionally, it incorporates a revenue-sharing model in instances of successful customer acquisitions facilitated through the sandbox environment and offerings.

an extensive 3-year program


At SCORECHAIN, we prioritize the development of new enterprises and emerging ventures. In alignment with this commitment, we've established the SCORECHAIN Start-Up Program, specifically designed to support and foster the growth of early-stage companies in the digital asset market.

Over an extensive three-year duration, the SCORECHAIN Startup Program is committed to aiding participating companies in navigating their journey toward success. 

We not only offer a comprehensive range of services but also provide startups with the necessary support and flexibility concerning service offerings and pricing models. Understanding the unique challenges that startups face, we are equipped to offer solutions that address and overcome these hurdles.

The Scorechain Connect Community

Joining us means becoming an integral part of the vibrant SCORECHAIN community, a collaborative network dedicated to one of the most thrilling technologies and business landscapes of our era.

The SCORECHAIN Compliance Community is your gateway to a robust communication platform where partners and clients converge to explore technology solutions, delve into market trends, and engage in discussions concerning all things Blockchain Compliance-related. 

It's a dynamic space that facilitates the exchange of insights, expertise, and ideas, empowering members with comprehensive knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving blockchain compliance landscape.