About us

We offer an extensive suite of services, enhanced by strategic integrations with leading industry partners, ensuring you receive the most effective system to meet your challenges.


About us

Scorechain's reputation as a leader in blockchain compliance has been established through unwavering trust from over 45 countries.

Our commitment to excellence transcends borders, making us the go-to partner for cryptocurrency enterprises, financial institutions, custodial services, and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Our Scorechain Analytics Suite covers Bitcoin including Lightning Network detection, Ethereum analytics with more than 250,000 ERC20 and stablecoins, XRP Ledger, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Tezos, Tron with TRC10/20 tokens and BSC with BEP20 tokens. All products are available both on UI and API, with full customization and reporting features. With a powerful and unique scoring system, Scorechain’s products allow traditional finance players and cryptocurrency companies to apply a risk-based approach for this new class of assets and fulfil all new regulation requirements.


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