Crypto Asset Investigation Services

Work with our Crypto Experts to unlock vital insights into your digital assets with our advanced crypto investigation services. We specialize in tracing fund destinations, uncovering stolen assets, and crafting detailed, tailored reports.


API Centric

Effortlessly incorporate blockchain analytics into your current systems.

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our fully automated solution.


Hosted in EU with more than 8 years of experience.

Proactive Threat Detection

Anticipate risks with our advanced predictive threat detection.

Data Integrity & Protection

Prioritize data privacy with Scorechain's commitment


Empowering Digital Asset Investigations

In an era marked by the rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies, the need for detailed and actionable crypto investigation data has never been more critical. Whether you're dealing with personal investment scams, legal procedures, or tracking stolen funds through mixers, our Forensics service is designed to provide exhaustive insights. Our team of crypto experts leverages advanced analytics to deliver reports on the origin and destination of funds, assess cyber threats, and uncover illicit activities including dark web transactions and terrorist financing. With the Forensics service by Scorechain, empower your organization with the clarity and intelligence needed to navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape confidently.

Advanced Transaction Analysis

Dive deep into the blockchain with our Forensics tool, analyzing transactions, addresses, entities, and clusters to uncover connections to real-world identities. Our sophisticated technology explores thousands of assets and blockchains, offering clear visualizations and the ability to track transactions both forward and backward, ensuring thorough investigations.

Trail of Funds Exploration

Follow the trail of crypto funds with precision, tracing back through transactions to identify the origins and destinations of assets. Our tool efficiently maps digital activities against scams, hacks, dark web markets, and sanction lists, providing vital insights for risk management and ongoing monitoring

Comprehensive Risk Management

Adopt a proactive stance in your risk management strategies with ongoing monitoring and detailed investigations into complex crypto activities. From investment scams to blockchain fraud, our Forensics service equips you with the essential reports and analysis for a robust defense against cyber extortion, money laundering, and more.

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