Scorechain and Venrai Form a Strategic Partnership




Date: December 11th 2020

Published on: Press Room


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Crypto Analytics firm Scorechain and Crypto Compliance Advisory Firm Venrai Announce their Strategic Partnership

The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 has led to unprecedented challenges globally, both to individuals and businesses. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, networking and business connections generally flourished through in-person gatherings, and the crypto industry is no different in that regard.

Adapting to the new “normal” and with a view to fostering new connections, Venrai has in 2020 engaged in an increased number of virtual conferences and introductory meetings. Of note have been the productive interactions with crypto analytics firm Scorechain, which have progressed to the point of crystallising a strategic partnership. Venrai and Scorechain operate in similar spheres and the benefits in closer collaboration soon become clear. There is confidence that future combined efforts will prove to be a valuable proposition to clients in the crypto space and beyond.

Crypto Compliance Advisory Firm Venrai

Venrai ( is a digital asset compliance advisory and security audit solutions company, offering a wealth of expertise to those operating in the blockchain space.

By way of improving the security and reliability of digital assets, we contribute to the ever-improving perception of blockchain technologies.

Venrai features on the blockchain security expert list maintained by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, and offers the following services:

  • Digital asset compliance advisory
  • Smart contract development
  • Digital asset gambling integrations
  • Smart contract security auditing
  • Blockchain workshops
Crypto Analytics Firm Scorechain

Scorechain ( provides AML & Compliance for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other public blockchains with advanced analytics and reporting tools. The Risk-AML and transaction monitoring tool helps users to implement a risk-based approach toward virtual asserts following regulation standards worldwide. Customers are pure players (exchanges, OTC desks), auditors (Big 4) and financial institutions (banks). Scorechain serves 100+ customers worldwide with its proprietary AML and compliance tools.

Jason Tucker-Feltham, founder & CEO of Venrai, said:

“the strategic partnership announced today is an exciting development that evidences a mutual desire for collaboration and organic growth. Leveraging this partnership, I am confident that Scorechain and Venrai will be well poised to serve clients with an expanded crypto compliance & analytics offering.”

Pierre Gerard, CEO & co-founder of Scorechain, said:

“we want to have a crypto-friendly world and this has to be with better cooperation. This strategic partnership with Vernai is an excellent way to bring trust to companies looking for 360° solutions.”

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