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Risk Scoring

Build a structured and coherent approach to managing risk for crypto assets and prevent tainted funds to enter your platform.

Risk indicators

Customize Risk Indicators to red flag specific types, countries and behaviors and strengthen your risk management.


Use our easy-to-integrate API to automate your entire risk process.

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"Using Scorechain has helped us upgrade our anti-money laundering system and better detect any illicit activity. Since Scorechain is a recognized service, it also simplified concluding new business relations with crypto exchanges for us."


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Scorechain Analytics

This solution will help you track the origin and destination of the funds, to assess the risk and build a proper strategy to satisfy AML requirements thanks to customizable features.

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Entity Directory

Conduct your thorough investigations on crypto wallets with our Exploration Tool. It is possible now to see clearly how several wallets interact with each other and how they are linked to certain kinds of illicit or suspicious activities.

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Reports and API

KYA & KYT reports give you insightful information on activity, risk, or incoming & outgoing funds and can be used to file SARs/STRs. And use our easy-to-integrate API to automate the entire process to have a seamless operation.

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