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We want to create a trusworthy environment
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We make compliance procedures easier thanks to efficient solutions best adapted to the most diverse needs.


Our Solutions

As a Bitcoin stakeholder, you need valuable information to manage your wallets and to comply with the regulation. Using big data and business intelligence solutions we provide analytics and tools to cover AML, KYC and legal reporting. You get realtime access to our bitcoin address tracking and scoring based on our unique cluster identification.

Our aim is to continuously develop new services to meet your future needs and anticipate technologies evolution and use. In this way, we are also building tools to monitor and manage digital assets and smart contracts in any blockchain. We offer services to enhance your blockchain transition by helping you to develop Proof of Concept using the blockchain technology.

Our solutions are available as web services, API, SaaS and ready-to-print reporting. Whether you want to detect money laundering activities, identify partners, verify Bitcoin activity, predict bad behaviour, or have insights in real time, we adapt our solutions to your needs. We offer our solutions in a business licence approach from freemium to tailor-made services.

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