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Automated Compliance Monitoring

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Proactive Threat Detection

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Data Integrity & Protection

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Strengthen Financial Stability

In an era marked by the rapid evolution of digital assets, Scorechain positions itself as a pivotal ally for regulators worldwide. Our platform transcends traditional analytics, offering a deep dive into the digital asset landscape to support regulatory bodies in their critical mission to protect consumers, ensure market safety, and uphold financial stability. Scorechain's suite of analytics tools is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive visibility into global and local digital asset usage, facilitating informed policy decisions and effective regulatory solutions.

With Scorechain, regulators gain the ability to monitor the interconnections of digital asset firms, scale payments, and flows between jurisdictions with unparalleled precision. Our platform not only identifies unlicensed entities and risky services but also equips regulators with the necessary insights to prevent illicit activity, including breaches of AML/CFT regulations. By leveraging our advanced detection capabilities and transaction monitoring, regulators can enforce local rules more effectively, ensuring entities meet their compliance obligations.

Scorechain is committed to enhancing the proficiency of regulatory bodies through education, training, and ongoing support. Our platform simplifies the interpretation of blockchain data, making it accessible and actionable for regulators aiming to supervise and investigate higher-risk entities and assets. As the digital asset economy continues to grow, Scorechain's analytics and expert insights serve as the foundation for robust, informed, and forward-looking regulatory practices.

Advance Regulatory Oversight

Scorechain's analytics suite strengthens regulatory frameworks, offering precise tools for monitoring digital asset service providers. Ensure market integrity and consumer protection with our sophisticated on-chain data and insights.

Enforce Compliance Standards

Empower your regulatory body with Scorechain's capabilities to detect and act upon non-compliant activities. Our platform aids in enforcing regulations and conducting thorough assessments to uphold compliance obligations.

Utilize Scorechain's comprehensive data to monitor and mitigate systemic risks within the digital asset economy. Our tools help regulators maintain financial stability by quantifying and addressing risks associated with digital asset firms and transactions.