Collaborating with SCORECHAIN not only elevates your solution portfolio but also provides the opportunity to enhance your own service offering.

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5 reasons to join our ecosystem

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Scorechain Connect ?


Revenue Potential

Add a unique and valuable component to your portfolio, opening doors to expanded business opportunities and increased revenue

Set Yourself

Stand out from competitors by harnessing the power of our Blockchain Analytics Platform and AML product suite.

Access Sales and Technical Support

Receive unparalleled support, tools, and materials as a certified SCORECHAIN partner, ensuring seamless client solutions and successful implementations.

Exclusive Partner Portal and Deal Registration Platform

Access exclusive insights and support through SCORECHAIN's partner portal, a hub for managing your business opportunities seamlessly

Engage in the

Engage with industry peers in SCORECHAIN's Ecosystem, sharing expertise and gaining insights for mutual growth and learning


Scorechain Connect

We strongly advocate for collaboration and mutual empowerment. Consequently, joint branding and marketing initiatives constitute integral components across all partnership types within SCORECHAIN.

Joining us means becoming an integral part of the vibrant SCORECHAIN community, a collaborative network dedicated to one of the most thrilling technologies and business landscapes of our era.

The SCORECHAIN Compliance Community is your gateway to a robust communication platform where partners and clients converge to explore technology solutions, delve into market trends, and engage in discussions concerning all things Blockchain Compliance-related. 

It's a dynamic space that facilitates the exchange of insights, expertise, and ideas, empowering members with comprehensive knowledge and fostering a deeper understanding of the rapidly evolving blockchain compliance landscape.

Collaborating — Partner — ecosytem

A growing collaboration

Our cutting-edge Blockchain Analytics Solutions and comprehensive compliance services seamlessly complement your business, serving as a catalyst for increased profitability and market recognition.

At SCORECHAIN, we've carefully crafted a versatile and transparent partnership framework, catering to various partnership models. Whether you prefer retaining client relations or enhancing your existing business/product suite, our framework adapts to your needs. 

Additionally, SCORECHAIN fosters collaboration within an evolving landscape, particularly in emerging technologies like blockchain. This emphasis on collaboration is geared towards mutual benefit, ensuring our joint customers receive the best support possible. Together, we navigate the complexities of this market, offering tailored technical and commercial solutions that precisely meet our customers' evolving needs.

6 programs adapted to your business needs

Choose the program that suits you best



A straightforward and rewarding method of collaboration, designed to acknowledge your loyalty. Easy, simple and and free from binding commitments. You'll receive rewards for referring business to us, irrespective of the scale or duration.


Elevate your service portfolio and enhance your offer's value by becoming a reseller partner with SCORECHAIN. Tailored for partners seeking to take ownership of client relationships, and address your clients' business needs with a seamless integration.


You are a technology provider offering services such as a crypto custody platform, KYC solution, Travel Rule compliance, or equivalent? You want to empower your customers with a comprehensive user experience inclusive? Integrate Scorechain's Solution and Features!

Compliance B2B2B Partner

Operate your own robust compliance offerings and seek Scorechain's functionality or data to augment your services, ensuring a comprehensive solution inclusive of transaction checks, address verifications, and conducting case investigations

Value Add Affiliates (VAF)

VAF are influential partners who operate as consultants and advisors, including entities like Big 4 firms, catering to large accounts, and facilitating introductions between tech companies, such as Scorechain, and their clientele.

Compliance SANDBOX Partner

Empower your customers to make informed purchasing decisions by providing a sandbox environment inclusive of solutions, products, features, and services offered by your esteemed sandbox partners.

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