Crypto AML Investigations

How do we perform crypto investigations?

Analyze specific crypto transactions, addresses, entities, and clusters, and link them to real people across thousands of assets and blockchains.

Explore transactional relationships and uncover suspicious activity with minimal training. Create detailed blockchain visualizations of wallets and track the transactions forward and back so you can then share with the right players.

Follow the crypto funds trail and go back as many hops as possible to find the right transaction or entity and map against scams, hacks, dark web markets, or sanction lists.

Take a proactive approach to your risk management and conduct ongoing monitoring.

Crypto AML Investigations

With the increasing massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in these past years, we are starting to see that more situations need proper data crypto investigation. Whether it's a personal investigation, a legal procedure, a hack, or a blockchain scam, we can help.

When can we help with crypto investigations?

  • Were you involved in an investment scam (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, etc.. )?
  • Do you need to investigate a complex crypto activity?
  • Did your stolen funds go through a mixer service/mixing pattern?
  • Do you need help analyzing the amount of crypto funds a wallet holds?
  • Are you in a legal process and need the proper assessment of some digital assets?

Our team will help with the know-your-address, know-your-transaction, and due diligence reports. In addition, our team of crypto experts will perform an investigation on your behalf and will give you all the details on the origin and destination of these funds.

Our team can help you with an investigation to assess and generate:

  • Origin and destination of funds report
  • Source of wealth and source of funds reports
  • Cyber extortion / Ransomware
  • Cyber attacks and eCrime
  • Money laundering
  • Darkweb transactions
  • Fraud
  • Stolen funds
  • Know your transaction and Know your address audit and reports
  • Terrorist financing

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Use case - The Ronin Hack

The Ronin Bridge hack is one of the largest decentralized finance hacks to date, with losses amounting to $624 million in ETH and USDC. And an eventful one with the involvement of Lazarus, a North Korean state-sponsored cybercrime group. Scorechain has been investigating the hack and following the transactions.

First, some funds also reached famous crypto platforms, FTX, and Huobi.

Then, the hackers also performed DEX swaps. They swapped the stolen USDC for ETH, making the funds harder to trace. As Scorechain software can follow DEX swaps, the Investigation Tool showed that the hackers used Uniswap and 1inch to perform the swap.

Then the hackers started to send funds to Tornado Cash mixing service. They used the pattern to do so, send funds to intermediate addresses and then to the mixing service in batches of 100 ETH. In total, more than 30,000 ETH reached the platform, making the funds impossible to trace after.