With the increasing massive adoption of cryptocurrencies in these past years, we are starting to see that more situations need proper data crypto investigation. No matter if it's a personal investigation, a legal procedure, a hack or a blockchain scam, we can help.

Were you involved in an investment scam (bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20 tokens, etc.. )?

Do you need to investigate a complex crypto activity?

Did your stolen funds go through a mixer service / mixing pattern?

Do you need help to analyze the amount of crypto funds a wallet holds?

Are you in a legal process and need the proper assessment about some digital assets?


All the information of our customers is confidential and will not be shared or used for any other purposes.

Let us help you!

Our team can help you with an investigation to assess and generate:

Origin and destination of funds report

Source of wealth and source of funds reports

Cyber extortion / Ransomware

Cyber attacks and eCrime

Money laundering

Darkweb transactions


Stolen funds

SIM swapping

Know your transaction and Know your address audit and reports

Terrorist financing

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