Scorechain Customer Lounge – July review: Open discussion on the FATF Travel Rule




Date: July 30th 2020

Published on: Events


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On July 9th 2020, Scorechain organised the first session of Scorechain Online Customer Lounge.

The goal of the Online Customer Lounge is to gather Scorechain’s customers around some crypto regulation related subject to share opinions and best practices. 

During the session, experts addressed the FATF Travel Rule Integration to give comprehensive insights to Scorechain’s community and open the discussion.

Scorechain would like to address a big thank you to our special guest Chris Marcilla for his time and expertise.

Chris Marcilla is Chief Compliance Officer, Conducting Officer and MLRO. He is part of Intervasp Working Group to standardise messaging for travel rule as an AML & Financial Crime Member Expert.

The session started with the presentation of FATF recommendations, the general context and challenges, and then Scorechain team reviewed the FATF last plenary session and emphasised the fact that improvement has been made but travel rule implementation is still a work in progress. Later on, the team presented existing projects from a technical perspective. Chris Marcilla at Intervasp explained the role of the working group to define messaging standards. Finally, Scorechain’s CEO, Pierre Gérard, explained Scorechain approach on this aspect. The session finished in an open discussion on the implementation of the Travel Rule.

About Scorechain Customer Lounge: Scorechain Online Lounge is an opportunity to showcase and discuss hot topics in the Scorechain community. This type of event will be organised regularly and is reserved to customers only.

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