Scorechain adds new compliance feature ‘KYA Report’  to enhance its crypto risk AML solution




Date: October 1st 2020

Published on: Press Room, Products


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We are proud to announce that the new feature ‘KYA REPORT’ is added to our crypto risk AML solution now!

This update aims to provide the users with useful reports for their daily compliance and reporting. It also helps them to document the effectiveness of the procedures.

What is it ‘Scorechain KYA report’?

Scorechain KYA report is a new feature to help with risk AML compliance reporting.

‘KYA’ here means ‘Know Your Address‘. A KYT reports information for a specific transaction while a KYA reports information for a specific address.

KYA basically gives in a .pdf format the detailed information about an address such as:

  • financial data
  • origin and destination of funds
  • risk AML scoring for incoming and outgoing funds 
  • risk indicators

Why is it important for the compliance team?

With other existing report features, including KYT report, balance/transaction history and incoming/outgoing scoring for each address/entity, this new feature provides more information of an address to help compliance teams to fulfil their reporting obligations for accounts monitoring, suspicious activity reporting or any other task of the compliance work.

This feature is available on all Scorechain Analytics Platforms for BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, DASH, XTZ. On Ethereum Analytics Platform, the users can have the KYA report for ETH but also for ERC20 tokens. On XRP Ledger Analytics Platform, the KYA report is provided for XRP and for IOU as well. Scorechain Customers can access this feature for free. 

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About Scorechain:

As a European leader in cryptocurrency transaction monitoring software for AML/CTF compliance, Scorechain Blockchain Analytics suite helps compliance teams in crypto firms to meet regulatory requirements and to implement a risk-based approach by saving cost and time. 

Scorechain Analytics Suite covers Bitcoin including Lightning Network, Ethereum analytics with more than 250,000 ERC20 and stablecoins, XRP Ledger, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Tezos. The solution provides the risk scoring for each crypto transaction/address/wallet with customisable parameters, which allows the users to identify and manage the ML risks by implementing their internal control policy. The real-time alert system gives the possibility of ongoing transaction monitoring and the reporting system helps them to fulfil their reporting obligations for suspicious activity. Last but not the least, the feature ‘Risk indicators’ helps users red flag suspicious activities at the level of entities/transaction behaviours and jurisdictions with more than 350 risk scenarios. 

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