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Choose a global leader in Blockchain compliance, offering automated AML/CFT solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflows. Ensure data privacy and comply with regulatory requirements and preemptively detect risks with our advanced analytics.



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API Centric

Effortlessly incorporate blockchain analytics into your current systems

Automated Compliance Monitoring

Stay ahead of regulatory changes with our fully automated solution


Hosted in EU with 8+ years of experience. We bring you our MiCA expertise

Proactive Threat Detection

Anticipate risks with our advanced predictive threat detection

Data Integrity & Protection

Prioritize data privacy with Scorechain's commitment

Tailored for every need

Find the perfect fit for your unique business needs.


Crypto Businesses

Streamline your compliance processes with robust KYC/AML solutions, ensuring your crypto business operates securely and adheres to regulatory standards.

Financial Institutions

Navigate regulatory complexity with Scorechain's AML/KYC solutions, tailored for financial institutions to secure operations and adhere to stringent standards.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Leverage Blockchain Analytics to empower crime prevention with anticipatory threat detection and Blockchain analytics


Ensure market integrity, safeguard consumer interests, and uphold financial stability with comprehensive regulatory oversight solutions.

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Tailored PRODUCTS for every challenge

Five modules. 
One Platform.


Customised services for your needs

Leverage our Blockchain insights


Crypto Asset Investigation Services

Work with our Crypto Experts to unlock vital insights into your digital assets with our advanced crypto investigation services. We specialize in tracing fund destinations, uncovering stolen assets, and crafting detailed, tailored reports.

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Know-Your-VASP Report

Analyze historical activities of VASPs to monitor their risk exposure and market interactions

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NFT/ICO/RWA Whitelisting

Ensure the integrity of your digital asset offerings with Scorechain’s NFT/ICO/RWA Whitelisting services.

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Our cutting-edge Blockchain Analytics Products and Solutions for Crypto and Digital Assets Compliance will help you have being compliant and have a better risk coverage, visibility and transparency.

In the intricate world of blockchain compliance, seamless integration is key. Scorechain's API-centric solutions are designed to mesh flawlessly with your existing systems, whether they are for custody, fiat transactions, or KYC processes.

This ensures that adopting our analytics into your workflow is as straightforward as it is effective. Minimize the friction of incorporating new technologies and maximize efficiency with Scorechain's blockchain analytics, ensuring your business is agile and responsive to the dynamic crypto landscape.

Adapt to the rapid pace of regulatory evolution with Scorechain's fully automated compliance monitoring.Our system is tailored to constantly adapt to the latest regulatory requirements, keeping you one step ahead of compliance obligations.

By automating the monitoring process, we help you focus on growth and innovation while we take care of the diligence.

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