Track Bitcoin-related cyber threats

Identify criminals beyond ransomwares

Tescrypt, Locky, Crowti, Exxroute, Cerber, FakeBsod, Brolo, etc. One of these names might be familiar to you since they are famous ransomware types also known as cryptolockers. Ransomware infects more and more companies and individuals each month. When there is no choice but to pay, you can use Scorechain Analytics Platform to track where coins are going and to potentially identify people who demanded the ransom. See the features page.

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Detect and Prevent Bitcoin fraudulent activities

Within the Bitcoin network, typical frauds are money thefts, service hacks, SCAM or even web wallet phishing. After such incidents, one of the solution is to investigate with Blockchain intelligence — the art of letting the Bitcoin public Blockchain do the talking. You will get significant and ready-to-use information. In such cases, our analytics platform helps you to keep track the stolen bitcoins, and most importantly to avoid being the next victim. Learn more on the features page.

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Ask for detailed report on specific cybercrimes

As Bitcoin specialists, we are used to cooperate with investigators and people willing to learn more on Bitcoin-related cybercrime. We generate on demand advanced reports on particular crimes or threats. Want to investigate? Contact us.

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