Improve your Bitcoin business compliance management

Standards of regulation for the Bitcoin world is increasing worldwide. We help you to fulfill current regulatory requirements and to anticipate the future ones.

Detect fraudulent activities

Automate due diligence processes

Monitor risk of Bitcoin portfolios

To guide you along your compliance procedures, the Scorechain analytics platform offers a seamless solution that enables you to investigate on origins of bitcoins, generate legal reporting, calculate and monitor capital gain, answer accounting constraints, operate anti-money laundering and due diligence procedures, and finally analyze customers profiles.

Since 2015, we offer solutions for Bitcoin regulation and compliance. Based in Luxembourg, a key place in Europe for Bitcoin and Blockchain players, we are working closely with regulators, audit firms and pure players of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to continuously develop our solution. Our product helps our customers to manage the Bitcoin activity thanks to advanced algorithms compiling Blockchain data with our data identification.

Improving confidence

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